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We go to EXTREMES to ensure our armoury storage systems exceed your expectations

A must have for Architects, Consulting Engineers and Project Specifiers……

A must have for Architects, Consulting Engineers and Project Specifiers……

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This video demonstrates the flexibility of our weapons storage system

Specialised Weapons Storage Systems for and including:


  • All Pistols
  • Tasers
  • All Tasers – Powered & Unpowered
  • Rifles

  • All Rifles
  • Steyr
  • M4/ M16
  • MARS-L
  • Remingtons
  • Enfield 303
  • Machine Guns

  • 50 Cals with spare Barrels
  • Minimi with Spare Barrels
  • Mag 58 with Spare Barrels
  • Blazers
  • SR98’s
  • SR25
  • AW-50
  • MK47
  • Night Fighting Equipment

  • NVG
  • NAD
  • NWS
  • Bayonets
  • Grenade Launchers

  • M79
  • M203
  • Mk19
  • 84mm Carl Gustav
  • Sword Storage
  • Parachutes
  • Shipping Container Fitouts
  • Deployment Shipping
  • Ammunition
  • Gear Cages – Powered & Unpowered
  • Police

  • Radios – Powered  & Unpowered
  • Mobile Phones – Powered & Unpowered
  • Cuffs
  • OC Spray
  • Belt Lockers
  • Keys
  • Drones
Expandable Weapons Storage

Expandable Weapons Storage

Expandable Weapons Racks the ideal answer for small or large scale secured armories and vaults, and has been specified for both land based installations as well as shipboard armories to ensure gun safety.
Weapons Security Cabinets

Weapons Security Cabinets

  • Tambour Door Weapons Security Cabinets
  • Bi-Fold Cabinets
  • Secure Cabinets with Compartments
  • Stackable Weapons Racks
Specialised Weapons Storage

Specialised Weapons Storage

  • M2 Racks
  • 84mm Carl Gustav / Mortar Tube Secure Weapons Cabinets
  • Pistol / Ammunition Safes – Meets all requirements Australian Standards
Pistol / Taser Storage

Pistol / Taser Storage

  • Pistol Cabinets
  • Taser Cabinets (Powered/Unpowered)
  • Body Camera Charging
Mobile Weapons Storage

Mobile Weapons Storage

  • Mobile Weapons Cart
  • Mobile Weapons Tank
  • Weapons Compactors
  • Vehicle Long Arms and Pistol Storage
  • Weapons Cases
Specialised Equipment Storage

Specialised Equipment Storage

  • NFE ( Night Fighting Equipment)
  • BFA (Blank Firing Attachment)
  • Magazines/Ammunition
  • Batons
  • Handcuffs
  • Pepper Spray
  • Shield/Helmut
  • Parachute
  • Bayonets
Police/ Military Issuing Security Cabinet

Police/ Military Issuing Security Cabinet

  • Ammunition ( Pistol and Rifle)
  • Batons
  • Pistols
  • Divided Drawers
  • Accessories
Lockers & Gear Cages

Lockers & Gear Cages

  • Constable
  • Military
  • Police Belt Lockers
  • Duty
Weapons Clearing Station/Containment

Weapons Clearing Station/Containment

  • Amour Piercing Containment
  • Desk Mount/Wall Mount
  • Quick Release Pedestal Mount
  • Pistol only
  • Pistol /Taclight / Riffles
  • Full range including 50 Cals
Evidence Cabinets

Evidence Cabinets

Pass-Through & Closed-Back Systems
Weapons Components

Weapons Components

Components is truly a unique and integrated weapons storage system comprising of four weapons storage solutions to ensure reliable gun safety.

At Weapons Storage Australia We Specialise In Custom Designed Security Solutions. Our Powered Security Locker Gear Cages Represent The Latest In Secure Storage For The Armed Forces.

In this video you will see a bespoke solution to cater for the individual gear requirements of a specialist unit. If you need a customized, integrated solution, Weapons Storage Australia can design and implement a solution to any specialist gear, weapons and equipment requirements. Please feel free to email us or call us for a confidential discussion on how we can help you.

Specialised Gear Cages Explained


Why We Are No# 1 
For Weapons Storage Solutions

  • We are user focused. We don’t just provide storage – we provide solutions
  • We cut weapons counting and inventory checks by HALF
  • We are continually developing and evolving new products to suit your needs
  • We change the component for new weapons – not the system resulting in enormous savings
  • We are supported globally with a network which is SECOND TO NONE
  • We supply and install  solutions for Defence, State Police Forces, AFP, Border Protection and Correctional Services Australia/ New Zealand wide

3D Cad Armoury Design

Armoury 3D CAD Concept, Design, and Installation

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