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Components for the Integrated Weapons Storage Platform

The I.W.S.P. is truly a unique and integrated weapons storage system comprising of four weapons storage solutions. All these solutions are designed for land based armouries, shipboard armories, tactical trucks and heavy lift aircraft.

In addition the system(s) can be free standing, modularly joined and for hi-density requirements be installed on mobile carriages (compactuses).

  • Stackable Weapons Racks (SWR)
  • Expandable Weapons Racks (EWR)
  • Weapons Storage Cabinets (WSC)
  • M2 Racks with Barrel Holders (M2R/BH)

Each and every component designed for the I.W.S.P. serves a purpose in storing and securing a host of weapons from handguns to .50 caliber machine guns. All components are interchangeable with every individual storage solution and are very easily re-configured at a moments notice. Or for extra security screwed into the Universal Weapons Panels with regular or security screws.

Thus we can store and secure small arms systems, accessories and tactical gear, vertically, horizontally and even diagonally. We have over 40 different types of components some of which are shown below.

No other small arms cabinet or rack compares to the extreme versatility and flexibility of our unique weapon storage systems. Combine the extensive components and the ‘universal gun panel’ to achieve your own custom solution.

intergrated weapons storage components

Barrel Saddle, Double Wide Barrel Saddle, Extended Barrel Saddle

 intergrated weapons storage components

Seismic Barrel Saddle, Double Wide Siesmic Barrel Saddle, Extended Seismic Barrel Saddle, Pad Lockable Barrel Saddle

intergrated weapons storage components 
Stock Saddles, Double Wide Stock Saddle

intergrated weapons storage components 
Stock Shelves, Horizontal Mounts

intergrated weapons storage components

Plain Shelf, Roll Out Work Shelf

intergrated weapons storage components

Hand Gun Pac, Hand Gun Pac with clip storage
 intergrated weapons storage components

Hand Gun Peg Pac, Hand Gun Profile Peg, Offset Pistol Peg Pac

intergrated weapons storage component storage boxes 
Storage Box, Lockable Storage/Hand Gun Box, Flak/Utility Vest Holder

intergrated weapons storage components 
Mk19 base, Mk19 Barrel Saddle, M2 base, Double Wide Barrel Saddle

intergrated weapons storage components 
Secure Eyelet, Velcro Pass Through Bracket, Weapon Inventory Tags (Magnetic), Security Screws and Driver, Radio Cradle

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