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Tambour Door Weapons security Cabinets

The WSC is a unique storage solution that has been specified for both the military and law enforcement communities, where ‘security’ and ‘hidden from sight’ are important factors to the end user. These Tambour Door Weapons Security Cabinets are designed for land based installations can also be shipboard mounted and secured to the floor/deck via an anchoring system.

This highly versatile and flexible solutions will store most small arms requirements either in a vertical or horizontal manner. It is ideal for applications where only small amounts of weapons require to be housed (between 12 and 15) but where the array of different arms systems is a must. From sniper rifles to carbines, shotguns, handguns, tazers, are needed can be easily stored and accessed. As with all the weapons solutions both scopes and grenade launchers can be attached to a firearm and still stored easily.

The WSC is supplied as standard with an all steel bi-parting tambour door with a regular lock in addition to an Optional Meshed Security Door. This door is constructed of 16 GA steel tubing as well as 16” gage meshed frontage and is supplied with security lock and keys from Abloy. Thus the cabinet can be configured in such a manner that it can be single, double or triple access.

Tambour Door Weapons security Cabinets configurations

Handgun Inserts

handgun inserts
This particular optional component allows for between two and three 9mm handguns to be stored per ‘bay’. The bays (or compartments) are supplied with security lock and keys from Abloy and can be specified as ‘self locking’. The bays are often specified for accessories such as batons, flash lights, keys, cameras, mace and much more.


Insight to the WSC

weapons storage

The ability for the Weapons Storage Cabinet to be re-configured is unsurpassed. As inventory changes the solutions are ‘in-built’. Need to change from a shotgun to an M16 or Steyr AUG or sniper rifle? No problem just change the positioning of the components and the solutions is answered in literally seconds.

weapons storage cabinets


weapons storage cabinets

General Specifications:

Height – 1525mm (60”), 1625mm (64”), 1778 (72”), 2110mm (83”)
Width – 915mm (36”)
Depth – 559mm (22”)
Finish – Grey Santex – Compliant for land based and shipboard applications

Major Features:

  • Secure and concealed storage of firearms
  • WSC can be reconfigured at a moments notice
  • WSC modularity allows for fast and easy additions
  • Store small arms in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal manner
  • Sniper Rifle and Assault Rifle can be stored with scopes and grenade launchers attached.
  • Handguns can be stored in removable packs with or without clip storage or on specially designed pegs. Or in handgun compartments. In all cases handguns can be individually locked.
  • All components can be secured to the Weapons Panels with regular or security screws.
  • All components are interchangeable with the EWR, SWR and the Mobile Weapons Cart.
  • Free standing or can be anchored to the floor or ships deck.


See below for different configurations


Tambour Door Weapons security Cabinets with compartments


Tambour Door Weapons Security Cabinet Compartments

Choose from 2,3 & 6 Compartment wide inserts to customse any size Multifile Security Cabinet. Ideal for check points, outside secure areas or at security stations. Secure personal property such as Weapons, Cuffs, Batons, Mace, Belts, Laptops, IPads, Mobile phones, Digital or Audio Devices.

Tambour Door Weapons security Cabinets are designed for secure storage of virtually any size Carbine, Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol, Taser etc. Each Cabinet is equipped with an All-Steel, bi-parting, tambour door that comes complete with a tubular lock and built-in padlock security bar. Utilizing the Inner security gates, compartments, heavy duty drawers and dozens of components, you can build your own WSC just the way you want it. There is no assembly required, all WSCs are shipped complete and ready to use when they arrive.


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