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Expandable Weapons Racks

expandable weapons racks The Expandable Weapons Racks product solution is arguably the most economical and efficient solution for storage of small arms inventory yet designed and manufactured with a proven track record. It is the ideal answer for small or large scale secured armories and vaults, and has been specified for both land based installations as well as shipboard armories.

The Expandable Weapons Racks system is a modular system that can be part of an overall and integrated solution if desired combining our Stackable Weapons Racks (SWR) as well as our Weapons Storage Cabinets (WSC).

Expandable Weapons Racks Sizes

Expandable Weapons Racks are supplied in two modular widths of 864mm (34”) and 1020mm (40”). The panels are 2135mm (83”) high and are manufactured of 16 GA cold-rolled steel. The system is supplied in single and double sided configurations dependant on end user requirement. For large scale projects it is often specified on mobile carriages (compactuses) for the ultimate high density weapons storage solution saving valuable floor space and cost.


With a full array of weapons components (please view the components) firearms of many types (assault rifles, carbines, light machine guns, shotguns, handguns, PDW’s, flack jacks and storage ‘buckets’) can be ordered. The system easily accommodate rifles stored ‘double stacked’ – one above the other. In addition the EWR will allow weapons to be stored vertically, horizontally and even diagonally.

General Specifications:

Height – 2135mm (84”)
Width – 865 mm (34”) and 1020mm (40”)
Single Sided EWR – 405mm (16”)
Double Sided EWR – 743mm (29 ”)
Finish – Grey Santex – Compliant for land based and shipboard applications


Major Features

  • Heavy gauge steel construction
  • EWR can be reconfigured at a moments notice
  • EWR modularity allows for fast and easy additions
  • Store small arms in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal manner
  • Sniper Rifle and Assault Rifle can be stored with scopes and grenade launchers attached.
  • Handguns can be stored in removable packs with or without clip storage or on specially designed pegs. In both cases handguns can be individually locked.
  • All components can be secured to the Weapons Panels with regular or security screws.
  • All components are interchangeable with the SWR, WSC and the Mobile Weapons Cart.
  • Free standing or secures to the floor or wall and for shipboard armories can be secured to the decks and bulkheads.
Expandable Weapons Rack Height

Expandable Weapons Rack Height

Double sided 50″ & 84″ heights available as standard.
Expandable Weapons Rack Capacity

Expandable Weapons Rack Capacity

Single sided 40″ W x 84″ H unit has a 24 rifle capacity.
Expandable Weapons Rack Storage

Expandable Weapons Rack Storage

Design your rack “your way”. Storage components on page 8 & 9 are used to create your own solution.
Expandable Weapons Rack Mobile System

Expandable Weapons Rack Mobile System

Can be installed on space saving mobile systems.
Expandable Weapons Rack Space Saver

Expandable Weapons Rack Space Saver

For smaller requirements or height restrictions we have designed the same flexibility in our 50″ high units.
Expandable Weapons Rack Posts

Expandable Weapons Rack Posts

Single sided wall units save a large amount of floor space and give you the flexibility to re-configure or add-on immediately.
Expandable Weapons Rack Increase your height

Expandable Weapons Rack Increase your height

Increase the height of your unit at any time, utilising 12″ or 34″ extension posts and panels.


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