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Mobile Weapons Storage

Mobile Weapons Cart (MWC)

mobile weapons storageThe MWC (Mobile Weapons Storage Carts) is again a unique solution that we offer. It is a highly versatile and efficient way of moving weapons of many types at one time. It is ideally suited for use within a military, police and forensic type environment.

It is common to find that when weapons are required to be moved from one location to another they are either carried by hand or placed in large crates and ‘man handled’. The Mobile Weapons Cart does away with this practice in one fell ‘swoop’ and replaces it with an easy, efficient and fast way of transporting firearms without damage being caused to the weapons.

The Mobile Weapons Storage Cart can store and move upto 20 rifles (10 either side vertically) of different types at one time. The design of this cart incorporates the Universal Weapons Panels found on all our weapons storage solutions.

In the same way as all our other weapons storage solutions – Stackable Weapons Racks, Expandable Weapons Racks & Weapons Storage Cabinets the Cart was designed from the ‘ground-up’ with the Universal Weapons Panel. Thus all components can be installed on the MWC. In such a manner handguns can be transported in either handgun pacs or our ‘prong’ system. Storage buckets can be included and if so desired the cart can transport weapons in a horizontal manner.

mobile weapons storage cart

The Mobile Weapons Storage Carts are designed with flexibility and ease of use as paramount for the end user, but constructed of all steel for durability and high usage. The cart comes with two fixed and two swivel casters (the latter with brakes). The push/pull handles are located at one end of the cart this factor enables the MWC to have a tight turning radius to negotiate obstacles very easily. The width of the cart was determined by the standard width of a doorway.

To ensure that vertically stored rifles do not ‘fall’ from the cart Seismic Barrel Saddles are specified. This allows for the tallest of sniper rifles to be transport easily. An example of this would be the 57” (1450mm) tall Tac-50 Sniper Rifle by McMillan Bros Rifle Company as seen below.

Tac-50 Sniper Rifle by McMillan Bros Rifle Company

tac-50 sniper rifle

General Specifications:

Height – 1050mm (39”) includes 125mm (5”) casters
Width – 970mm (38 3/8’) includes 102mm (4”) handles
Depth – 810mm (31”)
Finish – Grey Santex – Compliant for land based applications


velcro pass through bracket

Velcro Pass Through Bracket

To secure weapons during transit






Major Features:

  • MWC can store rifles upto 57” (1450mm) tall
  • MWC can be reconfigured at a moments notice
  • MWC will accept all components designed for our SWR’s, WSC’s, and EWR’s.
  • Store firearms in a vertical or horizontal manner
  • Sniper Rifles and Assault Rifles can be stored with scopes and grenade launchers attached.
  • Handguns can be stored in removable packs with or without clip storage or on specially designed pegs. All components can be secured to the Weapons Panels with regular or security screws.
  • All components are interchangeable with the EWR, SWR and WSC

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