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Taser Storage


Taser Storage Solutions

Taser Storage Solutions for M26, X26 and X12 LLS Shotgun

Storage of multiple Taser types can be accommodated in all I.W.S.P. (Integrated Weapons Storage Platform) solutions. From the X26 & M26 with or without holsters to the X12 Mossberg shotgun, with or without an attached X26 mounted to the Picatinny rail system.

Tasers are stored in a variety of unique and diverse ways with the use of I.W.S.P. components. In Taser Pacs with removable dividers, Lockable Storage Boxes or on adjustable shelves, the optimum solution is I.W.S.P. Flexibility, accessibility, accountability as well as secure storage is required for all less than lethal weapons, both for law enforcement and military alike.

I.W.S.P. provides storage solutions not only for less than lethal weapons but also for associated accessories. Cartridges, holsters, rails, cleaning kits and tactical bags can be stored in the same storage solution or apart.

Less than lethal weapons & accessories are stored in any combination of…

  • Stackable Weapons Racks (SWR)
  • Expandable Weapons Racks (EWR)
  • Weapons Storage Cabinets (WSC)


taser gun range



Storage Boxes  / Taser Pacs  / Adjustable

taser storage boxes

Above: X26 Tasers with custom holsters stored on adjustable shelves

Taser Pacs

Taser pacs will accommodate both the M26 as well as the X26 models. Pacs come in two capacities of 6 and 8 weapons. Each pac accommodates standard Tasers with or without grip extensions. In addition the pacs are designed with space for storage of spare cartridges.

When placed into the pacs the Tasers are supported by two parallel cradles which have protective gaskets. The weapons are separated from each other by removable dividers. Pac and dividers are manufactured from 14, 16 and 18 GA CRL steel.

The Taser component can be installed on all I.W.S.P. weapon storage solution, SWRs, EWRs and WSCs. This enables the end users to store the less than lethal weapon alongside other commonly stored weapons such as pistols, MP5s, M4S, M16s, Steyrs and shotguns.

In this manner the armourer can organise their armoury in accordance with operational requirements or procedures. Thus mixing of different types of weaponry within the same racks and on the panels becomes possible in a simple and effective manner. The I.W.S.P. weapons storage methodology makes inventory checks extremely easy to undertake, especially when Inventory Tags are used.

taser extension clips

Storage for the Mossberg / Taser X12 LLS Shotgun

This less than lethal weapon can be stored in any of the I.W.S.P. solutions. The shotgun with or without attached Taser can be stored vertically or horizontally on our Universal Weapons Panels. With the use of I.W.S.P. components the X12 shotgun is stored in exactly the same manner as regular shotguns from Mossberg, Remington, Benelli, Ithecas or FN Herstal, etc.

taser storage solutions stackable weapons racks

Shown above 48′ high SWR (Stackable Weapons Rack)

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